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About Us

“Libra Logistic” srl has been engaged in transportation and logistics business since 2005.

The area of our interests is transportation and logistics services related to arrangement and transportation of goods of various nature between the European countries and Ukraine, Moldova.

Transportation of groupage goods is one of the main business lines of our company. We deliver and transport groupage goods using both heavy trucks and light commercial minibuses.

“Libra Logistic” srl has a fleet of own vehicles and in addition to international transportation services offers execution of shipping and transit documents, as well as legal support to ensure protection of transported goods.

We will be glad if cooperation with our company will allow you to optimize your delivery and cargo handling costs and to improve efficiency of your business.


International transportation by road is the most demanded type of transportation services today.

The developed road network allows cargo transportation by road practically in any direction.

Our profile and main specialization is groupage goods transported between the European countries and Ukraine, Moldova.

General services:
  • transportation of standard goods (groupage and/or complete);
  • transportation of hazardous goods ADR;
  • preparation of shipping documents (CMR, T1, EX1 (export/import declaration) and other supporting documents;
  • delivery of goods on a “door to door” basis from the shipper’s warehouse to the consignee's warehouse.
In addition we can offer you:
  • consolidation of goods from various suppliers at a single warehouse;
  • storage and repacking of goods provided in various package.
You know where, we know how

Southern and Central Europe is the basic region with which we deal. The countries to/from which we carry out regular cargo transportation are as follows:

Italy (IT), Switzerland (СH), Spain (ESP), Croatia (HR), France (FR), Portugal (PT), Austria (A), Slovenia (SLO), Hungary (H), Great Britain (GB), Romania (RO), Germany (DE).

In cooperation with large and reliable European logistics companies we can offer you deliveries from UK, Belgium, Holland and Scandinavian countries via modern transit warehouses of these companies.

Transit time and frequency of shipping can vary depending on the season, weather conditions, national specific aspects in individual countries and other conditions. The terms and conditions of delivery by countries you can find out from the Table or by contacting our managers.

Our routes are various and individual depending on customer’s needs. The main countries to which we transport goods are Ukraine and Moldova.

At that, we transport groupage consignments from Europe to Ukraine on a weekly basis using delivery line (Southern) : Odesa – Mykolaiv – Kherson (taking into account the geopolitical situation in the region).

Important! Our basic route from the European countries runs through Romania, Moldova and ends in Odessa region, Ukraine. This route is the most direct and shortest both in terms of millage and time and reduces significantly the price and time of final delivery to localities situated in the Southern regions of Ukraine.

*Transit travel time and frequency of transport may vary depending on time of year, weather
conditions, national specificities of each country, as well as other conditions. To check the
delivery terms and conditions for countries that are not listed in the table, please contact our

Cargo transportation is always associated with risks and it is an inevitable factor of this line of business…

At that, international conventions and treaties, on which cargo operations are based, provide for carrier’s liability, i.e. indemnity for losses, if such losses occur during the process of transportation due to damage caused to cargo.

One of the basic principles of our company is to ensure economic security and protect property interests of cargo owners.

To this effect the liability of our company, as a carrier, is fully insured, so any losses will be compensated practically in full should any damage to goods be inflicted.

To ensure such a high level of guarantees we arranged CMR insurance with a liability limit from Euro 300.000.

To confirm this insurance and to find out its brief terms and conditions, please, click here.

Transportation Facilities

To transport the goods our company uses modern specialized vehicles.

We have a fleet of own vehicles:

  • Haulage trucks EUR 6 with capacity up to 24 t;
  • Semitrailers with capacity up to 92 m3;
  • Head-room up to 2,75 cm;
  • Capacity up to 33 Euro pallets (1,2cm х 0,8 cm);
  • With lateral and top loading/unloading facilities.

Together with the use of own vehicles, we cooperate with regional carriers and this cooperation allows us

to offer a wide range of transportation facilities, including for individual express deliveries ranging from

50 kg to 3 to.

All our vehicles are provided with:

  • ADR certificates with respective gear required for transportation of the majority of hazardous goods;
  • Universal CEMT permits;
  • CMR insurance with total liability limit of Euro 300.000.
  • GPS
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