To transport the goods our company uses modern specialized vehicles.

We have a fleet of own vehicles:

  • Haulage trucks EUR 5, EUR 6 with capacity up to 24 t;
  • Semitrailers with capacity up to 94 m3
  • Head-room up to 2,85 cm;
  • Capacity up to 33 Euro pallets (1,2cm х 0,8 cm);
  • with lateral and top loading/unloading facilities

Together with the use of own vehicles we cooperate with regional carriers and this cooperation allows us to offer a wide range of transportation facilities, including for individual express deliveries ranging from 50 kg to 3 to.

All our vehicles are provided with:

  • ADR certificates with respective gear required for transportation of the majority of hazardous goods;
  • Universal CEMT permits;

CMR insurance with total liability limit of Euro  300,000.

Our vehicles are equipped with corporative mobile communication facilities enabling us to control the process of transportation, to locate the truck and to introduces corrections, if required.